Using the outcomes in the Principles of Management course from ch-1 through ch-07 the organization study must include:

Select any organization of interest you (including school, college, hospital, etc.) and create an organizational chart for your business by illustrating the reporting relationships.

Student policies (for organization like school, college, etc.)

Outline of Policies relating to employees, customers,

Type of organization structure (can include simple organization structure indicating levels; types of plans for each level)

Elements of Organizational culture – Values, Artifacts and Assumptions



And any other relevant issues


Design a poster in Microsoft PowerPoint by including the following features:

All posters should include title, name of authors and section.

Language of the poster should be English

Content should be organized with proper headings and illustrations and must have at least 5 topics related to the 7 chapters in the course

*** Words count = 500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Number of slides = 8 slides.

*** I have uploaded all chapters.