Write a document Analysis
This assignment will focus on developing your skill at analyzing a historical document. You must select a document from the list below for this assignment. The documents are all available online. After selecting your document read the document (in the case of a visual document observe it) carefully and critically. Then consult the attached essay on analyzing a primary document. It will give you some tips on how historians assess a document. Do some secondary reading to give you an idea of the general historical landscape or context of the period in which your selected document was produced. In the case of this assignment the textbook and readings should provide an adequate body of background information to help you assess the document and analyze it in its historical context. Your document analysis should assess the document and place it in its proper historical context. This assignment will be somewhat more informal than your term paper. Nevertheless when you utilize sources, and especially if you quote them, provide footnotes to document your source and the page number it came from.
here is the document:
*Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Speech on the Granting of India Independence’, See: