Statistics homework help. What effect does Madame Schaechter’s vision and screaming have on the other prisoners? a. They are angry with each other. b. They are eventually filled with terror. c. They immediately understand about the chimneys. d. They show her great compassion and pity. What illusions are gone once the people arrive at Birkenau? a. The Nazis are an envil regime. b. Families can love each other. c. People still believe in God. d. Things will work out in the end. Eliezer considers running into the electric fence in order to a. try to escape through a hole. b. avoid a slow death in the furnace. c. distract the guards from his father. d. show the other prisoners his anguish. What is the effect on Eliezer when he does not defend his father from being slapped? a. He realizes that he does not love his father anymore. b. He is horrified at the change in himself. c. He recognizes that the Nazis will defeat all the Jews. d. He believes that his father will reject him, as well. Why does Eliezer say he has heard that Stein’s wife and children are fine? a. He thinks he recalls something about Stein’s family. b. He wants to get a favor from Stein for his father’s sake. c. He knows that the news will give Stein some peace. d. He remembers that Stein is a violent man: he fears him.

Statistics homework help