• Statistics test on Web Assign.….


  • One-Way ANOVA
  • Multiple Comparison
  • Procedures
  • Randomized Block
  • Design
  • Two-Way ANOVA
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Evaluating the Strength of a Model
  • Tests of Significance

90 minutes.  If you run out of time, a screen will pop up indicating to Submit Answers – you must press this button at this time or it will not save your answers.  If you close out the exam during the 90 minutes, the timer will continue to run.  You will see the timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Formatting of Exam:  You will see all questions at once.  All questions must be answered prior to pressing the Submit Assignment button.  You have 1 attempt only, all questions are submitted at once.  Press “Save Answers” at the bottom of the page after you finish each question so that it does save even if you get kicked out.  Only press Submit when you are finished, then close out of the exam.
WebAssign Rounding: Only round your final answers as indicated in some problems.  Do not round any values as you are performing calculations (only the final answer for that part).  Pay attention to how it asks for the answer.   If it does not specify how many decimals to round the answer to, give as many as possible.  If you are performing calculations by hand, always use a minimum of 5 decimal places for all calculations.
     *Remember that WebAssign is case sensitive:  in linear equations,enter a lower case x, not an upper case X or it will be counted incorrect