Social Science homework help. For each article/film, you have the opportunity to earn up to 5 points by writing a 300-word minimum response each week which summarizes the main topics discussed and connects these topics to one issue that we have brought up in class. Your summary must in be in your own words, and must include specific details, examples, and quotes. Your connection to course material must also be specific and include specific examples with references and page numbers, or dates. General answers will not receive credit.
Each 300 words
Schooling the World
Fact checking the 5G coronavirus hypothesis
Lecture: Conspiracy Theory
This is a pop quiz to review your understanding of the  conspiracy theory lecture video. Please do your best to include specific details that you could not have known unless you did the entire reading. General answers will receive a score of zero points. Please respond to the following prompt:
Explain which RANKS and skills are highlighted by the specter of a “conspiracy theorist” and give one example of how an agent in one of these ranks could demonstrate a higher level skill.

Social Science homework help