In Unit 1, you identified recent technological advancements that have impacted human beings. In Unit 2, you analyzed the life cycle of a social problem related to that technological advancement. In Unit 3, you explained the impact of this technological advancement on both individuals and society. In Unit 4, you identified key stakeholders that you plan to engage as a change agent to solve a technologically related social problem.
Now, you are going to expand that work by developing at least two (2) moral arguments to justify the reforms you want to implement. Please write a short 2-3 page essay that addresses the following questions:

  1. What are the moral dilemmas related to the technology you are writing about?
  2. What are the moral values of the audience members you are soliciting into social change?
  3. How do the moral concerns of this technology relate to the moral values of your audience?
  4. What arguments for reform should you make to convince audience members to participate in your reform coalition?

Make sure to support each point with facts derived from valid outside sources selected with the methods covered in this week’s discussion post.  Be sure to cite all sources using APA formatting style.