This is a two-part assignment. Your initial post is due Friday, 3/13 and your responses are due Sunday, 3/15. It’s the standard rubric we’ve been using all quarter.

Take a look at the introductory discussion from the beginning of the quarter, where you discussed your understanding of the place of humans in the web of life.

  • Explore the ways your understanding of Human Evolution have changed and affected your perspective throughout the course of this quarter. Which readings, discussions, or assignments have most influenced your new insights (be specific here)?
  • Also, please explain if or how your understanding of the role of human beings in the environment and the web of life have shifted.
  • If you have gained any pearls of wisdom or understanding that will affect how you conduct your life, outside of school (these can concern parenting, community involvement, how we relate to others or the environment, etc), please share these. This portion is not required, as I really don’t want you to make anything up!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, predict the future for humanity!

  • Where are we headed, what do we need to change, what do we need to protect, and what do we need to get rid of?  Will humankind colonize space, will we unlock the secrets and defy the limits of life and death?  Or will we find ourselves, like almost every other species that has ever existed, in the museum of extinction, nothing left but fossils…?

Yes, please, you can be creative.  You can be optimistic or pessimistic as you see fit, you can write your prediction in any style you like.  At the same time, your prediction should employ the scientific method, and your post should include at least one solid, clear reference to something we have studied this quarter.

Please read each other’s posts, and respond sincerely and substantively, to at least two of your classmates.

There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions and make these predictions, and your posts will be evaluated based on effort, thoughtfulness, engagement with course themes and material, and application of the scientific method.

Thanks for your reflection and consideration of one another. You all have done an excellent job on the d-board throughout the quarter.  I look forward to reading these…

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