Science homework help. Question #1. View the Interactive titled “Lift and Drag” located at assess each of the four main types of airfoils for function and purpose. Note: Be sure to include how each impacts lift and drag, as well as what type of aircraft is best suited for each. Provide two other practical uses for airfoils.
Question #2. Read the question and answer titled “Why don’t I fall out when a roller coaster goes upside down?” located at Imagine that you are trying to convince your apprehensive friend John to take his first roller-coaster ride. Explain to John how the roller-coaster engineers use physics to create a safe, yet thrilling ride. Note: In your explanation, be sure to include a discussion of potential energy, kinetic energy, angular momentum, frictional forces, and inertia when analyzing all aspects of the roller-coaster ride.
Each question has to be more than 200 words with proper citations

Science homework help