The purpose of the Self-Evaluation Paper and Plan is for you to be able to objectively look at the feedback provided to you and make a plan for improving upon your skills. This assignment is needs to be in current APA format (including a title page, Level I headings and double spaced). An abstract is not needed for this assignment but is typically found in APA papers. There is not a specified page limit for this assignment, but each section must be covered thoroughly. Please divide your paper into the three sections listed below, addressing each question found in the sections. Remember to use an introductory paragraph, and your first heading should be “Feedback Received”.
This Reference Book will help with this assignment: Young, M. (2017). Learning the Art of Helping. Building Blocks and Techniques Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 9780134165783.
Feedback Received
• What feedback did you receive from your peers/supervisor that was helpful?
The feedback I received was that I missed keywords or phrases to encourage the client’s courage or comfortability to open up and confide in the counselor.
More good work in the area using counseling skills such as: Asking open questions, reflection, positive regard, using reinforcers, paraphrase, and summarize.
• List three areas that you need improvement regarding your counseling skills?
1. Reflecting skills: Reflection of feelings and reflection of meaning being able to identify the client’s feeling or feelings or body expression or silence
2. Worry about what to say next trying to figure out what my next response should be as the counselor
3. Paraphrasing highlights what is important without giving the client advice
• You may also comment on any peer feedback that you did not agree with and explain why.
The feedback I received I pretty agreed to it as a student who is working towards becoming a counselor, I accepted the feedback and will continue to work in the areas that I need improvement.
Christian Worldview
• In going through this course and learning about yourself as a counselor – what conflict/additional thoughts came about between your beliefs as a counselor in training and your Christian worldview? Did you gain any further insight or clarity?
• What do you need to do to continue this work on your Christian worldview and counseling?
Next Step for Skills
• What you have learned in evaluating yourself and from your peers’ evaluation of your skills, what will you change in future sessions?
• What do you need to do to be more competent in counseling? How is your self-efficacy and self-esteem regarding your counseling skills?
• How did supervision feedback change your view/thinking of your counseling sessions? Comment on at least two items/ways. (Keep in mind that this is a critical question as it shows your professor that you are willing to and have thought through how you will make changes going forward)

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