Resume and Cover Letter

You will create a resume and cover letter that communicates your skills, qualities, and ambitions. The documents must be perfect with respect to spelling, grammar, syntax, diction, and punctuation. This assignment will be marked down for errors in these areas. Proofread carefully. Hiring managers regularly dismiss applicants with typos in their communications.


Find a job posting that interests you and create a cover letter and resume as though you will actually apply for the position. To make this exercise valuable, select a posting that reflects the direction you’re seeking. Consider looking for jobs in the companies identified in Assignment 2.


Visit the following resources to help you get started:


Create a 1 or 2 page resume. Three pages will not be accepted. Tailor the communication. Look closely at what the position requires and the traits desired by the employer.

Cover Letter

Write a cover letter to accompany your resume when you send it to the prospective employer identified in the job posting.

  • Format this as a business letter with addressee, return address, salutation, and closing.
  • In the first short paragraph, introduce yourself. Declare your interest in a specific career.

(About myself: I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English)

  • In the second short paragraph, outline the skills, experience, and education you’ve acquired that would make you well-suited for this particular job/pathway/career. (From East Los Angeles College 2010~2019:Obtained a Skills Certificate of “Accounting Assistant”;Obtained a Skills Certificate of “Advanced Accounting Specialist”;Obtained a Degree of “Associate in Art- Social and Behavioral Sciences” & “Arts and Humanities”. Continue studying International Business at Cal Poly Pomona 2019~now;
  • In the final short paragraph, ask for something very specific in order to get the interview process started. Suggest next steps for both of you to take.



Include in Your Submission

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. Corresponding job posting (copy and paste text in a document with a link to source)


I will attach my Assignment 2. as a reference.