Select a web or print document that you will test for usability. A good size is around 2400-3000 words, but this can vary depending on your plan. You can select a website, a procedural document, an annual report, or 2-3 internal documents as long as they collectively have some substance. Identify your target users and select an appropriate type of testing for the assignment (one text-based and one user-based method).

Usability Test: Research Procedures

Fill out your usability test plan and create testing materials (checklists, surveys for participants, and/or other research materials). See the attached form below. Select one text-based method (for example, a readability test) and one user-based method (for example, a survey or protocol analysis). Recruit 3-5 people for a user-based test. Please use Blackboard Messages to seek assistance from your classmates if finding participants poses a problem. Collect your data.

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