You will write a 5–7-page Book Critique of the books listed below. There are 2 major sections of the Book Critique: the summary and the critique.
The summary must focus on both encapsulating the main ideas and significant themes in the book as well as giving an account of the author’s overall purpose in writing. The summary section of the paper must be no more than 1 page.
The critique section must contain a well-thought-out, analytical interaction with the author’s thesis and with the main points of the author’s arguments. The critique must present the strengths and weaknesses of the book as well as an overall evaluation of the book. The critique section of the paper must be at least 4 full pages.
In addition to these requirements, the paper must have a proper Introduction and Conclusion that includes comments on the book’s value in your ministry or life. Follow the structure of a standard academic essay, and written in current Turabian format. Any quotations from the text must use the footnote format in current Turabian format. When writing the Conclusion, include a valid statement about the book’s value in its larger academic context.
Keep in mind that exceeding the page limit can result in a grade reduction.
Book Critique 2 will address The Gospel in Human Contexts: Anthropological Explorations for Contemporary Missions.