Without consulting any resource material, estimate the number of crimes committed per 100,000 people for each of the following—murder, rape, and aggravated assault—that have occurred in a city, county, or state of your choosing in the U.S. in the past year. Also, estimate the percent of males versus females who commit the majority of crimes, and describe what you think is the most frequent offender/victim relationship. Post the name of the area you selected as well as your estimate of the number of each crime committed.
I chose Anniston, Alabama,
The merger rate is 35
Rape: 150
Robbery: 300
Assaults: 2,000
Burglaries: 450
Thefts: 4,500
Males percentage was higher than females; roughly maybe 90% of males committed the crimes.
over All Alabama annual crime
Violent 25,399
Property 137,700
Totaling 163,099
The crime rate per residents 5.20 for violence and property is 20.17 totaling 33.37
Murders 383
Rape 1,996
Robbery 4,076
Assault 18,944
Overall population:327,167,434
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