Psychology homework help. Chapter 7: Managing Boundaries and Multiple  Relationships
Answer the questions below by using chapter 7 of your textbook.

1. Bonnie was a family support worker who supervised court-ordered visitations between  Danny and his children. During one visit, Danny showed up intoxicated on alcohol. Danny offered a bribe of 50 dollars to Bonnie to keep her quiet, and she accepted the money as she was in debt and struggling to pay her rent. By  accepting money from the client, Bonnie was:
☐ unethical.
☐ professional.
☐ always ethical.
☐ moral.

2. It is important for all human service workers to establish appropriate __________  with clients they work with.
☐ friendships
☐ boundaries
☐ gatherings
☐ none of these apply

3. The term “____________” occurs when HHS workers have dual relationships while working with clients.
☐ multiple relationships
☐ unfriendly relationships
☐ abusive relationships
☐ none of these apply

4. Practicing  __________ is critical to maintaining appropriate ethical practices.
☐ good judgment
☐ unfound judgment
☐ immoral judgment
☐ none of these apply

5. While maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients, it’s important to respect and understand a client’s _________ perspective as well.
☐ culture
☐ dominant
☐ fear
☐ none of these apply

6. ___________  is the exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.
☐ Gathering
☐ Sharing.
☐ Bartering
☐ None of these apply.

7. When a client offers to do an HHS worker’s taxes, they are crossing boundaries with the worker.
☐ True
☐ False

8. It may be considered ethical to receive a gift from a client.
☐ True
☐ False

9. HHS  workers can find out more information about a client’s culture by asking questions related to their heritage, religious beliefs, or customs.
☐ True
☐ False

10. It is illegal for HHS workers to have sexual relationships with their clients.
☐ True
☐ False


 Multiple Relationships and Maintaining Boundaries
Answer the following questions.

11. Explain in your own words what a multiple relationships is.
Type answer here

12. Why could it be unethical to enter into multiple relationships with a client?
Type answer here

13. Explain the difference between a boundary-crossing and a boundary violation.

Type answer here

14. In your own words, what is the slippery slope phenomenon?
Type answer here

15. Why is it important to maintain clear boundaries to assure professional integrity and responsibility?
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16. Is there ever a time when HHS workers should cross boundaries with clients? Why or why not?
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17. Describe how you establish and maintain boundaries in your personal life and whether you think this would work with clients.

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