State Reporting Laws Summary Instructions
General Description
The student will research the child abuse reporting laws in his or her respective state, as well as pertinent federal laws, that are geared for child educators, healthcare professionals, counselors, pastors and citizens.
Specific Instructions
The findings must be summarized in a 3-page paper (not including Title Page and References), with two sections: Summary, Reflection. The document must be written in current APA style and describing the protocols and procedures for the aforementioned groups of people.
Summary (Knowledge of Subject):
This section will be the largest of the two sections, using up to 2 ½ pages of text. The paper must include the State’s definitions of various types of abuse and any relevant information and details related to the student’s specific profession or professional interests. Identify the State which is being reviewed. Identify the name of the agency that needs to be contacted to report abuse. Present a clear discussion of the process of reporting and the expectations of the reporter (who is required to report, what the laws are in this state, pertinent Federal laws related to those who are required to report). Be sure to include how to know when to report, or any other pertinent information that guides the decision and process of reporting Child Abuse in your State. Provide a discussion of your ethical responsibilities. Be sure to provide the citations for the sources of your information.
Reflection (Evaluation of Subject):
Reflection should be approximately 1/2 page of text. Include your response regarding having to report abuse to State agencies. Comment about how you feel this connects to your work as a faith-based support person.  Present insights gained through completing this assignment. Judge the effectiveness of the reporting process as it relates to your work with clients. Be sure to provide the citations for the sources of your information.
At least two support sources are required, and must be presented to validate the information that you are presenting in your paper. One of the sources must be from your State Department which defines, explains, and clarifies the child abuse reporting information and process. The second source, and any additional sources, must be reliable and credible, such as from Peer Review journals or publications developed by your local Child Protective Services Department. Also, all sources must be from within the past 10 years.
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