Directions: You’ve screened two short films that relate to the police code of silence. Using the films as primary sources, write a four to five page essay, double-spaced (MS Word, 12-point Times New Roman font) addressing the following questions:

NOTE: Clearly indicate which question you are answering in each section of your essay!

1.) What is the police code of silence? Is it an official police policy, a law, an unwritten rule, or something else? How did it come about and why is it so pervasive? Explain.

– Cite two additional sources in APA to support your answer.

2.) What are some of the ethical consequences of this police code of silence? How does it impact victims of police misconduct? How does it impact officers who break the code of silence and report misconduct?

– Make reference to BOTH films to support your answer.

– Cite one to two additional sources in APA to support your answer.

3.) How can the ethical issues raised by the police code of silence be addressed by police departments? How can the code be dismantled, or adjusted in order to fix the problems that it causes? 

– This is not merely an opinion question — use ethical principles discussed in our textbook to help support your answer (cite the textbook in APA). Refer to the films as well when appropriate.

– Cite two additional sources in APA to support your answer.

Note: As indicated above, you will also need to perform some extra research for this paper – find AT LEAST FOUR and no more than seven high quality, reliable, and relevant online sources to support your answers. You also need to cite your textbook. Cite all sources in APA format (both parenthetical in-text citations and end citations are necessary).

– Quote sparingly and paraphrase whenever possible. Do not use block quotations — quotes should be brief and used to emphasize important points, not to fill empty space.

– You do not need to cite the films in APA, but you do need to make direct reference to them.