**Turnitin report required**

In this paper, implement a solution to the ethical situation identified in the attached power point. The implementation paper is to include, but is not limited to suggested training, identification of stakeholders, the implementation plan and process, and a draft code of ethics. If you make use of an existing code of ethics, make sure to properly cite and reference the work of others. Material from the PowerPoint presentation may be incorporated as needed, but remember the vast majority of this paper must be new original material. The body of the paper shall be 10 to 12 pages,  excluding other material such as the cover page, abstract, table of contents, graphics and tables, and references.

The Individual Implementation Paper shall contain:

· Cover Page

· Abstract

· Body of Paper (10 to-12 pages)

· References Page

The paper shall be formatted as follows:

· APA 6th edition

· 1 inch margins

· 12 point font, either New Times Roman or Arial font style

· Double spaced, making sure there are no “extra” spaces in between paragraphs

· Properly formatted Section headings as appropriate

In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles, government reports, or other sources approved by your instructor. Internet information sources from other than authoritative sources are discouraged.