Operations Management homework help. Essay 2 – (Short Story/Fiction) Argument Analysis
For the Short Story/Fiction Argument Analysis essay you will choose a controversial issue and pick a side. Choose any short stories/fiction articles in the class textbook. You will try to persuade the reader that your viewpoint is logical and valid. You will do this through research. Locate solid evidence from outside sources and recognize and refute the opposing viewpoint (view of the other side).
For this paper you will need:

  • Controversial issue – (Pick one/two short stories from the textbook.)
  • Take a side on the issue
  • Include a strong introduction with an attention-getter
  • Create a Thesis Statement
    1. Clearly states the controversial issue
    2. Clearly states your position on the issue (for or against)
    3. Includes your main points of support for the topic
  • Include background information on the topic if necessary
    1. This will typically be a paragraph or shorter and is only to be used to help your reader understand your topic if necessary
  • Research at least 1 to 2 sources from the Library Databases or non-scholarly internet websites to use in your paper
    1. Successfully and effectively incorporate them into your paper using proper citations for each quote
  • Recognize an opposing viewpoint and refute
    1. Only have to recognize one opposing viewpoint
  • Offer a course of action or a solution/proposal in your conclusion
  • Turn in a Work Cited sheet in correct MLA format with your paper

*A useful Website to register with (this is free) in order to double check your citation is: http://www.easybib.com
Thesis Statement (con.):
You need to formulate a strong thesis that:

  • Names the subjects being compared and contrasted
  • Indicates whether the essay focuses on the subjects’ similarities, differences, or both
  • States the essay’s main point of comparison or contrast-this will be your plan of development for the paper (food, clothing, entertainment, etc)

Note: Students may consult one online article to compare/contrast to a textbook story. Students will either compare/contrast two textbook stories, OR compare/contrast one textbook story to one online article of their choice.
Textbook: Arguing about Literature (Schlib and Clifford)  ISBN number: 978-1-4576-6209-6
Paper Requirements:
Follow MLA Guidelines
Proper Heading (Name, Instructor’s Name, Class, Date) and Header (Student’s Last Name pg #)
3 to 4 FULL pages or longer (Note: The 3rd page is not the Works Cited page)
Double spaced
1 inch margins
12 point Times New Roman font
3rd person Point of View
No Contractions
Quotes (minimum of two)
Internal Citations
Works Cited page for any sources  
After the essay, you need discussion:
What two stories/articles did you choose for Essay 2?
What are the articles about?
Each question is one paragraph
One paragraph at least 5-7 sentences

Operations Management homework help