Before starting your paper, you will need to gather two pregnancy stories from your friend/mother/ sister/grandmother. Try to see if you are able to interview two women with age differences between them.  This will bring out the changed context of pregnancy in America, socially and culturally. It should be an interview in the form of a chat with someone. You should plan to spend approximately 25 – 30 minutes with each interviewee.
In your mini-paper, you should discuss how, if at all, the experience of pregnancy might have changed over time in the US.
I have provided some questions for you to consider as you organize your thoughts and your paper.  These questions should be used as guiding ideas to frame your interview and essay. Do not just answer the suggested questions listed below one by one. You are encouraged to add other issues that you discovered during your interviews apart from the questions/issues I have suggested.
Guiding Questions:

      • When and how did she find out she was pregnant? Details of that time and how she felt. Who did she speak to? What were the social and political conditions of that time and the discourse surrounding pregnancy at that time?
      • What happened after that? Who all advised her? What were some of the things she did medically? What about meeting an OBGYN? What did friends or family suggest?
      • How was her pregnancy managed? Who constituted her support system?
      • What were some of her memorable moments?

As you write your paper, make sure you are interweaving the information you learned from your interviews into a single narrative.  Your paper should not have two distinct sections reporting information from your two interviews into two separate
Paper Requirements:

  • Write 6 – 8 paragraphs for your mini-paper 5, single-spaced.
  • Mini-papers should be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.