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Topic: The Use of Antibiotics for Otitis Media in Children
APA style
16-20 pages (without cover page)
Minimum 10 references

  1. Cover page or title psge


  1. Abstract


  1. Introduction
  2. Hook
  3. Background information
  4. Problem statement
  5. Research questions
  6. Hypothesis
  7. Thesis statement


  1. Literature review
  2. At least 5 of the 10 references should be on this section


  1. Methods
  2. 3rd person
  3. Passive voice
  4. Step by step the process that have been done
  5. The tools used
  6. How was the tools handle


  1. Results
  2. Should be in paragraphs
  3. Must include figure, graphs or tables


  1. Discussion


  1. Limitations and implications


  1. Conclusion


  1. References

What I have done so far
Hook: Do you know acute otitis media (AOM) is the commonest pediatric bacterial infection?
Background Information: Acute Otitis Media drive to the Greek word ot which means ear, itis which means inflammation and from the Latin media which is something pertaining to the middle. Knowing this, Otitis Media is defined by: “presence of fluid in inner ear associated with sign of illness and middle ear inflammation”. This disease affects up to 75% of children at some time before age 5 years?
Problem Statement: Considerable attention has been focused on the role of infection in acute otitis media. Several attempts at identifying causative infectious agents have yielded several, the main ones being Streptococcus, Branhamella catarrhalis and Haemophilus species. Some viruses have been implicated
Research Question: Routine prescription of antibiotics has led to adverse events and bacterial resistance to antibiotics?
Hypothesis: If implementation and use of “Watchful waiting” gains popularity between caregivers, then will decrease the use of antibiotics in pediatric patients?
Thesis Statement: I really consider this is an important topic to be discussed, considering there are a lot of people and mostly children, who are diagnosed with at least one of these episodes in their lives. During my investigation, I will be writing about the following items:

  1. What does the Otitis Media look like and how is it diagnosed?
  2. What causes this infection?
  3. What puts your child at risk of middle ear infection?
  4. How can it be prevented?

I know at the end of this research, I will learn many things related to this topic that I did not know before. It will help me with my little kid who suffers recurrent ear infections and, I will also improve my knowledges as a healthcare professional.
References used in class assignments
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