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Time Log


 According to DSM 5 This patient had very many symptoms that suggested major depressive disorder.



Analyze psychometric properties of assessment tools


Evaluate appropriate use of assessment tools in psychotherapy


Compare assessment tools used in psychotherapy


List the objective(s) met and Briefly describe the activities you completed during each time period. If you are not on-site for a specific week, enter “Not on site” for that week in the Total Hours for This Time Frame column. Journal entries are due in Weeks 4, 8, and 11; include your Time Log with all hours logged (for current and previous weeks) each time you submit a journal entry.


You are encouraged to complete your practicum hours on a regular schedule, so you will complete the required hours by the END of WEEK 11.


Time Log


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Journal Entries


  • Include references immediately following the content.
  • Use APA style for your journal entry and references.




Nursing homework help