Marketing homework help. E-Commerce White Paper Guidelines
1. White Paper description below:
Choose a company and evaluate their e-commerce activities through economic
You have complete academic freedom here and can choose any company that engages
in e-commerce. The selected company should be the one you are interested in,
potentially one you might like to work for in the future.
If you choose a public company, be sure to scrutinize their annual reports and other
Wilings with the SEC for a detailed view on the company’s financial performance and
disclosures. If you choose a very well known Wirm, you will be expected to provide a
more in-depth analysis or some fresh insights based on the amount of public
information available.
Analyze the current strategy and future options for your company while considering
industry factors such as the nature of brick-and-mortar and online competitors, barriers
to entry, economies of scale, economies of scope, economies of specialization, Wirst
mover advantage, externalities, reputation and the pace of innovation in the sector.
Consider the company’s target marketing, product customization/differentiation, pricing,
bundling, marketing, supply chain, value chain, customer lock-in and customer
segmentation. Be sure to explain the company’s unique selling points, as well as how it
creates and delivers value.
Among other points, your conclusion should summarize the company’s actual or
potential competitive advantage(s) and assess whether it is sustainable. Will the
company survive? If so, how well will it do? Would you invest your hard earned money
in the company? Don’t be afraid to make recommendations for how the company can
improve their e-commerce presence and chances for success.
Cite your references and footnote any direct quotes. using APA or Chicago style.
2. Think of a “catchy”/”edgy” title for your White Paper.
3. Contain as many contents as possible in the Outline below for your White Paper.
Particularly the Current Status/Background and Future Recommendations sections.
1. Abstract
2. Introduction (including a New Mission Statement)
3. Current Status/Background
– Revenue Model
– Competition
– Pricing
– Target Market(s)
– Marketing Activities
4. Future Recommendations
– Pricing Strategy
– Target Market(s)
– Marketing Strategy
– Partnerships
– Metrics for Success (could be Sales, MAUs, DAUs, Market Share, etc)
5. Conclusion/Summary
4. Although these are not mandatory, if you contain charts or diagrams in the White
Paper to support the financial situation or the points expressed, it will be a great plus for
the paper.

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