Internet Marketing Final Project: Marketing Plan You are the owner or CEO of the company you’ve
designed. You are applying for a small business loan. In order to get the loan, you’ve been asked to
compile a comprehensive marketing plan. o Briefly describe your company. o Conduct a marketing audit.
(Step 1) o Assess your strategic options using the TOWS model. (Step 2) o Create objectives using the
REAN network. (Step 2) Identify what contributes the most to or detracts from the company’s competitive
advantage. o In a table, outline your general tactic for each objective. (Step 3) o Using your digital
toolbox, describe your tactical actions for two personas. Step 4) General Guidelines • 5-7-pages. • Use
section headers to help organize the paper. • 1-inch margins, double spaced • 12-point font (Times New
Roman or Courier) • Remember to factor in any and all feedback given for each step. You may use any
format you’d like as long as it conforms with the guidelines above. Be detailed and creative!