Behavior of Firms: Ethics and Apologies
1. Company Mistakes: When a company does something wrong, what do you think the company should do? 50 word minimum
2. Business Behavior: Discuss the expectations you have regarding the behavior of a business. 50 word minimum.
3. Values: Discuss fully the values you believe a business should adopt. 50 word minimum.
4. Employer Values: Discuss the values stated by your employer and how they successfully integrated into the organization. In other words, how did they do that demonstrates they are living by the values they have on the company website, annual report etc.
What values do you feel your employer should adopt? 50 word minimum.
5. Stakeholders: Discuss who you feel are stakeholders in a marketing driven company and why? 50 word minimum
6. Business Behavior: Discuss the impact unethical behavior will have on a company. 50 word minimum.