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The text points out that support material will fill out the organizational structure of our speech. In fact, since we will show our organizational skill in our speech by creating our speech and developing our main points with support material we need to choose it wisely. Support material functions to clarify our idea, to make an idea interesting and or memorable, and or to prove the truth of what we are saying.
Our text identifies several different types of support material: definition, description, analogy, anecdote, example, statistics, visual aids, testimony.
Review the material in our text on these types of support and choosing one from the list find as many strong supporting materials for the thesis as possible. Start with our library portal and see if find at least one supporting item of each type and post to the thread. Some may be possible without library resources (e.g., analogy).
After you have posted read your classmate’s posts and respond to two classmates and evaluate the merits of each individual piece of support as supporting material. Does the material provided function as listed above (clarify, make more interesting, prove the truth, or make memorable). Don’t be shy but don’t be disrespectful of each other. Let’s learn what works with supporting material and what is not really strong enough to function as support material.
Part2: respond to two classmates:
I will be demonstrating how to properly “zero” or sight in a rifle. An analogy for this process would be like.
“Zeroing your rifle is like making sure your speedometer and steering wheel in your car actually line up with what is happening. It would certainly be possible to drive with a speedometer that shows you going thirty miles an hour over your actual speed, or a steering wheel that is always 15 degrees offset to the right, but you would never be able to be a skilled or safe driver with these limitations. In a similar fashion, making sure your point of impact and point of aim align are critical in safe, accurate target shooting.
Classmate#2: Isabella
In my speech I will be explaining the best way to analyze ballistic evidence. This is a definition that supports my speech.
After some research on Cascadia’s library, I found a definition from the National Research Council that supports my thesis, telling my viewers exactly what ballistic analysis is, “…a forensic technique that compares the elemental composition of bullets found at a crime scene to the elemental composition of bullets found in a suspect’s possession… ballistics techniques compare striations on the barrel of a gun to those on a recovered bullet…” (National Research Council 2004).
National Research Council . Committee on Scientific Assessment of Bullet Lead Elemental Composition Comparison. (2004). Forensic analysis : Weighing bullet lead evidence. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.
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Marketing homework help