Marketing homework help. Leadership essay

Requirement: An essay on any leadership topic of your choosing.  You may choose something we have talked about (or will cover later in the semester), or any other leadership topic of your choosing.  The essay must speak to leadership broadly and demonstrate its applicability in a business setting that would better use idea or topic from PPT attached below.


Example topics: To get your thinking started here are some examples of topics you might write about (but feel free to pick your own, originality is important):  How to overcome barriers to organizational change; What makes a great organizational vision; The characteristics of great leadership; Was Steve Jobs a great leader; Opening the Johari Window; Innovation as a driver of leadership; Leadership in an era of complexity; The trouble with CMOs; Integrity and profit; Perspective on the Business Roundtable commitment to stakeholders; Can leadership be learned or is it an innate quyality.


Well developed thesis:  Make sure that in addition to a meaningful topic, you develop a clear thesis that is well defined and focussed.  Take a point of view and write convincingly about it.


Research:  This essay will not require intense research, but make sure you bring at least three perspetives to bear, and plan to cite at least three sources.  These can include materials from our classwork, or chapters in our books that we have not used.  You also can use a journal, or even business publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc.


Length: The essay must be approximately 1,000 words.  In general, I believe that a written document should be the length required to convey your thoughts.  But since this will be a graded assignment, I am asking you to stick to the guideline.  Your grade will be penalized if you deviate from the expectation by more than 20% in either direction (no less than 800 words, and no more than 1,200).


Grammer: Yes, grammer will count.  Please check your work before submitting it.


Originality:  Please make sure your ideas are your own, and give credit to other authors when you refer to them.


Marketing homework help