Firms conducting international business need to be particularly concerned with human resource management issues – including selection, training, and development – to better prepare their personnel for overseas assignments.
Answer the following questions:
1. What selection criteria are most important in choosing people for an overseas assignment? Identify and describe the four that you judge to be of most universal importance and defend your selection?
2. What are the major common elements in an expatriates compensation package? Besides base pay, which would be most important to you? Why?
3. What kinds of problems do expatriates face when returning home? Identify and describe four of the most important. What can MNCs do to deal with these repatriation problems effectively?
4. What should your organization do to meet the needs of expatriate employees both in preparing them for their overseas assignment and their eventual return home?
Write a minimum 3-page paper using your findings from above.
APA Standard with in text citations
Country is Nigeria.  Company is Mastercard.