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In this project, you will create your own environmental analysis of a company. You will conduct the environmental analysis in three steps:

  1. A PESTEL analysis
  2. A SWOT analysis
  3. A summary of the key points from these two analyses

After completing this project, you will be able to apply this environmental analysis to an entertainment company of your choice.


Every business requires continuous analysis. In entertainment business, change is rapid and ongoing. Whether a business is in the middle of developing its strategic plan or doing any form of planning, it is essential to “keep a finger on the pulse” of the business environment.


Be sure to complete preparation assignments 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.

Materials Needed

  • Computer with an internet connection
  • MS Word software
  • Download the “Environmental Analysis Template.doc” below.


1.  Download and use the Strategic Planning Project Week 2 Templatelocated below.
NOTE: The use of this template is mandatory. Only submissions using this template will be accepted.  

2.    Review the three case study options below. Each of the options explores a current challenge that is facing a well-known company (Netflix, Apple, and Amazon). Select one of these case studies to work with for this project.
IMPORTANT: If you find another article reviewing a different company you would like to use in this project, submit the article to your instructor for approval no later than Wednesday of Week 2.
Case Study Options
A.  Netflix Has Put Redbox on Blockbuster’s Road to Destruction
NOTE: For option A, analyze either Netflix OR Redbox but not both.
B.  Apple Could Report the First Quarterly Revenue Drop in 13 Years:
Apple’s Technological Lag Is Starting to Show
C.  Amazon Plans to “Significantly” Increase Investment in Video as It Goes to War with Netflix 
NOTE: For option C, analyze Amazon, NOT Netflix.
3.  Review the case study you selected in detail.
4.  Complete a PESTEL and SWOT analysis based on the case study information utilizing the provided template. For any area where there is not sufficient information described in the case study to complete the template, research that area and then provide a realistic analysis so that all elements of the template are completed with a minimum of two bullets.
5.  Based on your PESTEL and SWOT analysis data, recommend three of the most important factors that the organization must take into consideration when formulating its strategy. (The most critical factors are referred to as “the critical few.”) Developing a strategy will be the next step in strategic planning.

  • Describe your three key elements along with your rationale for each of your three recommendations on the provided template.

Research Alternatives:
To support you in conducting research, here are some websites to consider:


  • Name your MS Word document as follows: LastName_FirstInitial_AssignmentTitle (for example, McDermott_R_EnvAnalysis)
  • Convert your document to a PDF file
  • Upload your PDF file into the Completion area below.
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Management homework help