Management homework help.

  • Survey and Code Book (Required) – Prompt and Useful Hints – Download and Read!FileRead the above prompt and Hints/Help file carefully.
    It contains the info you need to do this assignment well.
    Email the Team with questions, if you have any.
    Opens Jan. 27, 2020, 0000hrs
    Closes on April 22, 2020, 2359hrs
    The above file (PDF) is a combination of two sets of advice that were given previously as separate information in emails, and (one of them) via a file download on iLearn. This file contains ALL the advice from the emails in one file, for your convenience.
    Also, Read all the materials below this text.
  • Sample SurveyFileOK to copy graphics from this file
    (for example, check-boxes) for use in your survey.
  • Sample Code Book FileRead it after you read through the sample survey file.
    This file shows how every response is converted into a number.
  • A sharp student asked if the deliverables for this assignment should include the research question as well as the two testable hypotheses. Yes. Perhaps right at the start of the document you submit: a short intro section to your submission that gives the research Q and the hypotheses. You could also usefully show which hypothesis each Q explores in the codebook (this is good survey practice).
    IMPORTANT: For submission, put ALL pieces of the assignment (the survey and codebook) into ONE file that contains intro material mentioned above, the survey (first) then the codebook.
    Again: submit only one file with all parts of the assignment in it. Thank you. 
    Here’s a bit more depth on the survey part of the assignment. This should help with clarity of the assignment–this is a little different than the PDF prompt. This is a quick brief–download and read the whole prompt!
    Summary of the deliverables for Survey and Items (14 items/questions total):
    Introductory paragraph (brief) explaining the survey.
    This should include your research question (tells us the DV) and your two hypotheses (which state an IV and the (same) DV–this is discussed above, too).
    Breaking down the survey itself:
    6 total hypothesis questions–3 for each hypothesis (covering 2 IVs — independent variables).
    3 background questions.
    3 dependent variable (DV) questions.
    2 control questions                                 
    14 Questions Total
    Again, the prompt has a LOT of useful info including examples!
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Management homework help