Students will collect a sample media artifact that can serve as an exemplar (i.e. as free from problematic material as possible) of feminist media content. (Note: students may create this exemplar if no exemplar can be found.) Students must find several external sources to validate this assessment and provide a short clip of the artifact. When submitting the sample media exemplar, students will provide a brief written explanation (1,500 word min for grad) of what makes the sample media an exemplar.


To begin this assignment, consider the following questions: 1) what kind of media do you commonly view? do you feel comfortable watching this media? 2) are there forms of media that promote feminist concepts more than others? 3) are there certain characters or personalities in media content that promote feminist concepts more than others? As you consider these questions, you should zero in on one sample piece of media – similar to the media artifact you’re analyzing, this can be a song, movie, TV show, social media website, etc. Once you’ve selected a sample piece of media that you believe promotes feminist concepts, you should share this media with your classmates.


While sharing the sample piece of media, please upload a link to the media or upload a file of it to the Sample Media Wiki. In order to do this, click on the “Sample Media Wiki” link on the left-hand control panel (or above). You will see a Wiki page called “Sample Media Wiki.” Click on that to create an entry there. Put your name in the text entry box titled “Name,” then copy and paste your sample media link in the text entry box below. You may also attach your sample media here by clicking on the “Insert/Edit Embedded Media” image. (It looks like a square with a triangle in the center of it – it is on the bottom row of buttons.) From here you can upload a file saved to your computer.


As you share the media, please also include a brief description of what you believe makes this sample media an exemplar (1,500 words minimum for graduates). Here, you should also include at least one citation from a peer-reviewed reference that supports your claim that this sample media promotes feminist concepts. This reference can relate directly to your sample media, or it could relate to the feminist concept you see in the artifact.


High quality Sample Media submissions will have links that work correctly/easily accessible media, identify one piece of media in your description, use at least one scholarly reference in the description, meet the minimum requirements, and be largely free from grammatical or typographical errors.