Literature homework help. ASSIGNMENT A2: RESEARCH PAPER
Working in Emerging Markets
A. Assignment Type: Individual assignment.
B. Course Weight Grade: 40% of overall course grade.
C. Due Date: April 15
th, 2020 at 0800.
D. Deliverable: Research paper of 2,000 words excluding charts, tables.
E. Guidelines for Your Research Paper:
1. Content of your paper:
i. What is your thesis (main idea)?
ii. Introduction
iii. Body of your paper iv. Conclusion
v. Research citations
2. Use APA format for your paper. You can get more information from the APA here.
3. You can learn how to write an effective research paper from the Grammarly blog here.
F. Rubric for Grading: These are the 4 rubric elements and they will each carry equal weight:
1. Thesis/Main Idea
2. Content
3. Research
4. Quality of writing and organization
G. CAUTION: No deadline extension
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H. Procedure:
1. Study the material on Harvard Business School’s “Creating Emerging Markets” website.
2. Read about the project and then go to the “Interviews” page.
3. Select the regions and topics that interest you from the lists on the left side of the
“Interviews” page. See below for a partial list of the regions and topics:
4. After you have selected your region(s) and topic(s):
a. Read and listen to all the relevant interviews on the HBS website. Some interviews
are in foreign languages and we may not have access to the transcripts. In that case,
supplement your research on the internet.
b. Conduct other research online to broaden your understanding.
c. Develop your thesis (main idea). Decide if your paper will be analytical, expository or
argumentative. These terms are briefly described in this blog article.
d. Write your research paper, following the guidelines given in Section E above.

Literature homework help