OLCU 613 Paper 3: Leadership Effectiveness Application Paper
Prepare a 6 – 7 page paper that identifies four (4) important insights gained into organizational dynamics,
and how you have or will apply them to enhance your leadership effectiveness. A well-constructed paper
will reference 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 peer-reviewed journal articles retrieved from
Brandman’s virtual library, and adhere to APA standards.
As outlined in the rubric below, your paper should address the following:
• Use course theories and concepts to identify 4 significant insights gained into organizational
dynamics that has changed your behavior and/or thinking; define and discuss the value and
importance of the theories and concepts to leadership effectiveness.
• Assess your current effectiveness as a leader, and describe how and why the application of the
insights gained will improve your leadership practice.
• Create a specific action plan based on the insights gained from course theories and concepts to
improve your leadership effectiveness.
Criteria Requirements
Clearly and concisely identifies and reflects in-depth on 4 important insights gained from course theories and
concepts that have or could enhance leadership effectiveness; links 4 insights to course theories and concepts
discussing how and why behavior and/or thinking has changed
Comprehensively assesses current leadership effectiveness, and creates a specific action plan to integrate the 4
insights to improve leadership practice discussing how and why the actions planned are appropriate.
Consistently employs critical analysis in creating an effective action plan that synthesizes and integrates insights
gained, course theories and concepts, and actions planned to improve leadership practice.
Uses 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 journal articles. Accurately adheres to APA standards; reference page
and citations are correct. All sources listed in References are cited in paper
The paper is logical and well-written; spelling, grammar and punctuation are accurate. Paper is the required length of
6 – 7 pages of content, and includes correctly prepared title page.