Languages homework help. I am responsible for the 4 items in blue. Need 10 – 12 slides. Speaker notes are needed with references.You work for a sales organization and are tasked with creating a plan to develop successful sales teams. Select a business the team members are familiar with as the basis for the sales plan. Create a 16- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you develop a plan to create a sales team. In the presentation you should do the following:Note: The speaker notes should serve as the script or text for the presentation. Assess the different types of sales structures that are possible for the organization. Recommend a sales structure for your team’s organization. Include a rationale for the team’s decision.Explain how the sales team members will be selected and what qualities will be evaluated. Identify the qualities most desired in the sales team both as individual members and as a team.Recommend ways to keep the team motivated and explain why these methods of motivation might work. Also include possible roadblocks that may keep the team from being motivated.Examine the reasons why recruiting is an important factor in creating a successful sales force.Examine the reasons why training is important to a successful sales force.Examine the reasons why coaching is important to a successful sales force. Also include how coaching is different than training.Explain how the sales force will be assessed in order to measure their success.Format the presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Languages homework help