Something more fun! How about a powerpoint, prezi, or anything you like! You don’t have to record yourself, just slides or link to your presentation will be fine 🙂

1. Introduction (5 points): What is your current job trajectory? Think about what you want to do next after college as your ideal career. It doesn’t have to be what you’re already doing now, although it could! Tell us a little bit about what that is. Alternative: If you are not comfortable with sharing that information, or you just really haven’t thought about it yet, etc. feel free to choose any job/career path that you’d like to do this project on.

2. Background of career path (5 points): Now do some research on what that job/career path does. Tell us what a typical person in this job/career path does. Be as specific as possible! “Serves the community,” “makes financial decisions,” “makes yummy food,” “innovative product solutions”…. all of these are TOO vague! Create a list of around 3 or more specific activities. Looking at job opening websites like, linkedin, or handshake are good places to start. Please cite your sources (Use any citation format you like, such as MLA, APA, Vancouver), also because someone might be interested in that job and want to look at it too 🙂

3. Application of course material (40 points)

Now think of allll the topics we’re covering in the class 🙂

  • Intro to Info Systems
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Ethics
  • Info Security
  • Data and Knowledge Management
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • E-Business and E-Commerce
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Social Computing
  • Organizational Info Systems
  • CRM and SCM
  • Business Analytics
  • Acquiring Info Systems and Applications

Choose 5 of these topics (each is worth 8 points!) and tell us specific applications of how this is used (or COULD be used) for activities you just mentioned. One activity can use 1 or more information systems or technology applications 🙂 If you are using a powerpoint, try to put at least 1 slide per topic.  You can reuse a topic more than once 🙂

4. Conclude your presentation! You don’t want to just end all of a sudden 😉 Even just a thank you slide is something. Try these suggestions

Project Reflection
Write a reflection in OneNote (only I will see this), under the page “Project Reflection.” Include a summary of what you learned from your own research on the topic and from others in the class. Since it’s OneNote, you can include videos, images, etc. to describe what you learned . The page will be BLANK so you can be creative! Around 2+ paragraphs would be nice 🙂