Information Systems homework help. Week 3: (RS11) Chapter 5 Assignment 3: Network Design and Security
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Every network is different. However, common security principles apply to any network, regardless of its unique elements. One of these common principles is secure network design. Secure network design embeds core protections and improvements into an IT infrastructure before it is implemented. Design comes from planning. Planning comes from sufficient knowledge and understanding.
Based on your text, briefly discuss the following 13 Concept of Network Design and Security relative to your company’s implementation.
1) Confidentiality:
2) Integrity:
3) Availability:
4) Defense in Depth:
5) Privacy:
6) Authentication:
7) Authorization:
8) Nonrepudiation:
9) Accounting:
10) Content / Context:
11) Divide and Conquer:
12) Security through Obscurity:
13) Scalability:
COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY is not a final solution or a task to be completed. Security is a continuous journey. Safeguards and infrastructures that worked before might offer little or no protection against future attacks. You must constantly develop and deploy new defenses against new exploits. This vigilance is the essence of network security management.
Based on your text, list and briefly describe 10 Security Management Best Practices implemented by your company.
Best Practice 1:
Best Practice 2:
Best Practice 3:
Best Practice 4:
Best Practice 5:
Best Practice 6:
Best Practice 7:
Best Practice 8:
Best Practice 9:
Best Practice 10:

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