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The Science Of Persuasion. (11:50) Influence at Work, November, 26, 2012.
Review this week’s Read and View information.
Select and research a real-life leader, and analyze their leadership style based on the concepts we have studied this week. A suggested list of leaders is provided here:
Jay-Z, Reed Hastings, Russell Simmons, Mark Cuban, Collin Powell, and L.A. Reid.
You may select from this list or suggest your own alternate choice of leaders to your instructor by Wednesday of this week.
Note: For this project at least one reference is required. Resources, reading and other materials that are assigned in this course may be used. Avoid using personal blogs,, or other potentially unreliable wiki sites. If you do choose to read Wikipedia, you must follow the footnote link to the original source.
Create either a written MS Word document or a Keynote presentation with audio narration. Include the following in your project:
Part 1

  • Which leader from the provided list did you choose?
  • Which of Goleman’s 6 Leadership styles does this leader display (it could be more than one). Provide specific examples of each from your research on this leader.
  • Explain how leadership styles combined with emotional intelligence have contributed to this leader’s success or setbacks.
  • How do you believe this leader has demonstrated characteristics of servant leadership?
  • How do you believe this leader has used their power and influence to advance their agenda and to help them accomplish important organizational goals?
  • From what you’ve learned about this leader, identify and describe a situation where they had to use power, influence and persuasion. How do you think that they could have used power, influence or persuasion differently?
  • Which of the seven types of power do you think was used to handle this situation? How would you have handled it differently?

Part 2

  • Think about your own leadership qualities. Which of Goleman’s six leadership styles do you see in yourself?
  • How would you use the different stages in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to influence and motivate others?
  • How can emotions help you or hold you back during the process of acquiring power and influence?
  • Think of your strategic plan for developing power (e.g., building networks, using influence tactics, etc.) as you start your career (i.e., before taking your job and in your first year on the job) and transition into your future goals.
  • Explain how these principles will help you to acquire and maintain power as a leader.


  1. Save and name your file “First name_Last name_Leadership_P1”
  2. If you have chosen to create a written MS Word document, export it as a PDF. If you have chosen to create a Keynote presentation with audio narration, export it as a QuickTime file.
  3. Upload your file to LAO and submit.

Information Systems homework help