Information Systems homework help. Read the short article  on page 325 ” Hostile Media Effect” and answer the questions.

  • In what ways do you selectively expose yourself to media messages?
  • Do you generally listen to the same news commentators rather than seeking alternative voices?
  • Do you watch the same shows your friends watch, or do you look for something different?

Use, bold AND define 2 key terms from Ch. 13 in your answer.

  • 5 points for answering all questions in 5-7 sentences
  • 5 points for using 2 key terms, defining terms and bolding them
  • 5 points for responding to 2 peers with 5-7 sentence responses

Book reference: Revel for Human Communication in Society by Jess K. Alberts, Thomas K. Nakayma and Judith N. Martin; Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 9780135197585

Information Systems homework help