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Force Field Theory Analysis

Lewin’s force field analysis is a tool for distinguishing factors or forces that influence an individual towards or away from a desired outcome (or change). The forces that aid in making decisions that will make change more acceptable can be analyzed. Forces are more than attitudes to change. People’s emotional state can prevent them from accepting change, therefore we need to understand factors that are related to their values or experiences that contribute to resistance. Force field analysis helps us to analyze a condition and then plan corrective actions.

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In 2012, Yahoo’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) implemented a change for employees who were working from home to stop the practice and required them to commute to the office. The change in culture was driven by the desire to improve innovation through human interaction. The organizational change now requires employees who work from home to work in the office.

Discussion Question 1:

What are the main driving and restraining forces involved in making this organizational change at Yahoo?

Discussion Question 2:

What resources would Yahoo need to manage this change and how will they will help to implement action steps?

Hint: Sometimes it’s easier to reduce the impact of restraining forces than it is to strengthen driving forces.

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Human Resource Management homework help