access the trial records of Jeanne d’Arc. Follow the instructions below to complete this week’s assignment:

  1. First, access Jeanne d Arc’s “Trial of Condemnation”here: (Links to an external site.)
  2. Once you have accessed that page, you will see a photo of the trial record on the left, and a list of the contents on the right. Choose ONE of the “examinations” of Jeanne (2-13 on the list).
  3. After choosing ONE of these examinations, please read the exam in full. While you read it remember that disputes over Jeanne’s character, are at the root of much of the controversy surrounding her. During the capture and trial of Jeanne d’Arc there were deeply conflicting views of Joan’s character and motivation. Even the Church was divided. Some clergy felt Joan was pure and chaste—her actions and deeds were the work of God. Others believed Joan’s insistence on wearing men’s clothing was blasphemous and that her visions and voices were the devil’s work.

Differing perceptions of Joan’s character during her trial

Visionary from God – Visionary from Devil
Groundbreaking feminist – Troubled youth
Dedicated patriot – Disloyal traitor
Shrewd leader – Deluded peasant
Self-sacrificing saint – Self-serving manipulator
Devout Christian – Evil-doing heretic

After you have finished reading the examination you’ve chosen, Please post the following to your discussion post:

  1. Tell us what exam you chose and LIST at least 2 (TWO) observations and/or assumptions you can make about Jeanne d’Arc based ONLY on the examination you have read. Please share quotes from the exam to support your observations. (For example: she seems delusional because she heard voices, then use a quote from exam to show this).
  2. Based on all of our material this week, including the video and information provided in the modules. How do your observations/assumptions from the exam above compare/differ from your overall assumptions on Jeanne?  (Explain in at least 2-3 sentences). (For example: we’ve learned that in the beginning of the trial, she only hears one voice; it is only after days of being coerced that she claims to hear more, how does this differ from your assumptions above, or does it?)

Jeanne was never to get a fair trial. She was a girl, dressing and appearing as a man, claiming to hear voices from God and angels.  She dared to cross her societal boundaries. Jeanne was doomed from the beginning. She was too different, too controversial, too confident, and this terrified her male accusers.

  1. Think about observations or assumptions someone could make about you based only on your appearanceThink about the assumptions you’ve made about others based on their appearance (Skin color, gender, clothing, tattoos, piercings, hair color, etc.) 

In your own words discuss: How do our own modern day prejudices play a part in assuming someone is either good (innocent/moral) or bad (guilty/immoral)based on their appearance?  Are there any current examples you can think of? (Please explain in at least 4-5 sentences).