Health Sciences homework help. Service: Essay (writing)Style: OtherNumber of pages: 1 pages (275 words)Number of sources: Up to the WriterTopic of your paper: week 3 individual assignmentSubject: PhilosophyComment:Individual Assignment 3LOGIC MODELI need this completed in 6 days please. by sunday2. Critically analyze research, including policy and program evaluation research Goal 1: Develop in our students the ability to form critical judgments that support democratic values.Core Competency: To analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions.A logic model is a good tool to provide a conceptual view of a program to a decision maker. It provides a picture of what the program will need in resources, activities, the outputs and long-term impact. Keep in mind the logic model considers what a program will accomplish, the program logic and not what it will accomplish.For the assignment this week, the goal is to construct a logic model for a program – a program that you know, from your research or one of the program reviews from the readings (look ahead in the readings if you desire). Use the format found in chapter 5 of the text (Figure 5.2, Sample Logic Model). Make sure to include assumptions and external factors. For additional help, review the Logic Models at the logic model, addA paragraph that explains the logic model, what was selected as important and why; focus on the difference between outputs and outcomes.Does the logic model consider formative or process evaluation?Add a paragraph to the analysis how you would meet the democracy, diversity, or due process MPA values. Should the MPA value you select be an output or outcome?Make sure to cite your sources properly.

Health Sciences homework help