Stage 3: Write a revised draft of the complete analysis. To do so, review the feedback you received on Stage 1 and 2, and use those comments as you revise your writing to build this next draft. Your draft should be 1,800 words (double-spaced). In section, you will receive (and give) peer review on this assignment, and then make revisions. Peer-review completion is worth 5 points; peer review guidelines will be provided.

Stage 4: Write a final paper and attach a separate 2 paragraph revision memo. The final paper should be the revised draft and should be 1500-1800 words (double-spaced). The revision memo should highlight the changes that you made after peer-review and explain why you made them so your TA can see your progress. The final paper and attached revision memo are due posted to GauchoSpace in PDF format by the end of our exam period during Final Exam Week; early submissions are welcome. Revise your draft and submit your final paper, worth 25 points.


  5-4 3-2 1-0
Thesis Statement 5pts Thesis Statement is in the first paragraph and provides the reader with a sense of what the paper will be about Thesis Statement is hard to find and/or there is no clear indication of what the paper will be about There is no thesis statement
Sources Cited 5pts Paper utilizes the correct number of sources (3) and cites them throughout Paper utilizes some sources (2) and cites them Paper does not utilize sources
Incorporation of class material 5pts Class sources and themes are appropriately used throughout the paper Class sources and themes are minimally or oddly used throughout the paper Class sources and themes are not used throughout the paper
Use of Threshold Concept as a lens of analysis 5pts The paper defines and uses the TC accurately as a lens through which to analyze their media object The paper uses the TC concept sparingly to analyze media object Paper does not include a TC concept
Overall Grammer, spelling, formatting 5pts Paper has been proofread and formatted correctly   Paper has various spelling and formatting errors