English Language and Literature homework help. Your task in this assignment is to propose a configuration that would provide a secure and complete network operation for this small company which has five departments o Software development o Accounting and Finance o HR o Sales and Marketing o Product developmentThe office space is 60×100 ft. and is divided into 5 rooms with each room having 800 square feet Your proposal must address the following: • The IP addresses that you would use for the network. • Whether you would use VLANs or not. • What you would propose for a firewall configuration. • How you would support remote workers. • How you would implement servers to handle the following functions: o Email o A corporate web site o An intranet o SQL databases o File and print services o DNS and DHCP (as appropriate, depending on what you propose) You may propose on premise and cloud solutions, in any combination, for the servers. Your proposal should provide the justification for your configuration. All necessary network wiring, electrical wiring, and server/closet space is available to you. You do not need to provide any cost information or a bill of materials.

English Language and Literature homework help