English homework help. Research Paper Prompt
Research your assigned job in the project within the context of one of the following industries: Television, Film, or Theatre. If you are doing all of the jobs, because you are doing the project alone or with very few people, pick the job that interests you the most (ie: playwright, director, costume designer, lighting designer, sound designer, dramaturg, set designer, and or actor).
Once you have picked the job you are going to write about, include the following in your paper, with o​ ne paragraph for each section (a paragraph is about 3-5 sentences).​ Please include the following in your paper:

  1. Why you chose to write about this job. (25 Points)
  2. An influential person in the field with this job. (25 Points)
  3. Educational Requirements. (25 Points)
  4. Pay Scale. (25 Points)
  5. Job Demand. (25 Points)
  6. Job Requirements. (25 Points)
  7. How your job helps the production. (25 Points)
    In your paper, you should cite your sources from websites you find, using a

Works Cited Page. Note that the works cited page is worth 25 points. ​The only way to not​ get these points is to not include a Works Cited page!
Total Points: 200
Your paper should be MLA format (“Times New Roman” font, 12pt Sized, Double Space

English homework help