Read Common Logical Fallacies (Links to an external site.).
After reading Common Logical Fallacies, choose three of the common “fallacies” described in the reading, and write one short essay defining and explaining each of these three fallacies. You must include a specific example of each fallacy. Include an introduction and a conclusion. Do not use 1st person “I” or 2nd person “you/your.” Stick to 3rd person.
*Please review  the Argumentative Research Essay in Unit 7*
Required Length
2 full pages not including your title and references pages (if a references page is needed). “1 full page” refers to a full page of 12-point Times New Roman double-spaced font that runs to the bottom of the page. 1-inch margins. No excessive spaces to pad length.
Required Format
APA format is required, including a title page and page numbers formatted correctly in APA style. An abstract page is not required. See the following resources on APA:

Type, save, and upload your essay as a Microsoft word document. Save in a file format that can easily be opened in Word such as DOC, PDF, or RTF. Additional requirements:

  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spacing
  • 1-inch margins