Write a 3-5 page well organized comparison and contrast essay. See instructions below.
Review the YouTube Learning Video: Comparing Two Movies
Think and Write
Think of two movies that are meaningful to you. Identify three important ways that the movies are different and/or similar.
For example:

  • Do the movies have the same or similar plots?
  • Are the characters alike or different?
  • Why are these similarities or differences important?
  • Do the movies leave you feeling sad, happy, or confused?
  • Do the movies have the same or different messages or themes?
  • Do the movies teach us something about ourselves or society in general?
  • Is there a moral to the story told in each movie:

Draft the Introduction and Thesis statement

  • When you have selected the two movies, decide on answers to the above questions (or questions you think are important to address).
  • Draft the introduction. Begin by identifying the title, director,  main actors, and movie genre (comedy, drama, science fiction, etc.).
  • End the introduction with a focused thesis statement that identifies why the differences or similarities matter. Identify at least three points to compare and/or contrast.
  • Send your draft thesis statement to me for review by  November 2.
  • I will review and provide comments or suggestions for improvement by November 3.

 Draft the Body Paragraphs
After you receive my feedback on your thesis, begin drafting the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Develop the body paragraphs using either point-by-point or subject-by-subject comparison as explained in theThe Bedford  Reader (206-208).
Refine Your Draft
Format your essay following MLA guidelines in a Microsoft Word document. You will find an example of a MLA formatted essay in the Bedford Reader (671-676).
Important note: If you use information from other sources, be sure to acknowledge any borrowed language in the body of your essay and include a separate Works Cited page that lists the source(s). You should have at least two Works Cited entries as you will reference two movies (specific dialog or critical commentary from a secondary source).
On your Works Cited page, include two entries to identify the movies you are comparing and contrasting and any other secondary source.
You may also need an entry if you use a movie commentary from a magazine or newspaper article (or other source). See pages 667-668 in The Bedford Reader for examples and instructions for the Works Cited list.
After writing your first draft, study the Checklist for Reviewing and Revising a Comparison-and-Contrast Essay (209) and Focus on Parallelism (210). Make adjustments in your essay based upon the guidelines in these two checklists.
Include a  Works Cited list on the last page of your essay. For information on how to site A film or video, see The Bedford Reader (667-668).
Then, revise your essay following the points in the checklists, and create the final draft. Upload your final essay by the November 2 due date.
Submit Your Essay
Upload your essay using the link below on or before the November 9.

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