Engineering homework help. 1. A Sales Area includes all the following EXCEPT which one?a. Sales Organizationb. Sales Officec. Divisiond. Distribution Channel2. Shipping Points are assigned to…a. Company Codesb. Plantsc. Sales Areasd. Controlling Areas3. Which of the following is NOT considered master data in SD?a. Customerb. Customer/Material Pricec. Divisiond. Material4. Which tool allows you to view the progress of the sales process?a. Document Flowb. Stock Overviewc. Stock Requirements Listd. Delivery List5. A Sales Organization can exist in only one…a. Plantb. Sales Areac. Shipping Point d. Company Code6. Which document in the Sales Fulfillment Process manages the shipping of products to the customer?a. Sales Inquiryb. Sales Orderc. Delivery Documentd. Billing Document7. A material price is an example of…a. Material Master datab. Conditions Master datac. Customer Master datad. Organizational data8. What is the status of the accounting document after the billing step in the Sales Fulfillment Process?a. Openb. Closedc. Not clearedd. Cleared9. Sales Revenue is a…a. Balance Sheet Account in the GLb. P&L Account in the GLc. Subledger accountd. None of the above10. The sales order document status is complete after which step in the Sales Fulfillment Process?a. Creation of the delivery documentb. Goods Issuec. Billingd. Payment

Engineering homework help