Engineering homework help. Description: An e-commerce company wants to use mobile robots in its
warehouses for transferring goods/products between different locations. The
robotic platform must be able to transfer packages from the packing stations
to the shipping station with a maximum speed of 3 m/s on a flat surface and
1m/s on an inclined surface (with maximum slope of 45°). The goal of this
project is to design a wheeled mobile robot with 4 wheels for carrying out
packages (100mmx100mmx100mm) with minimum weight of 5 kg and
maximum 10 kg based on the following design requirements. The mobile robot will be equipped with a controller and a LIDAR sensor with a total weight of 500gr and overall dimensions of (100mmx50mmx50mm).
Requirements: The design of the 4 wheeled mobile robot must comply with the following requirements, 1) maximum 2 DC motors can be used, 2) maximum weight of the robot is 1kg (including DC motors and excluding the controller-LIDAR sensor), 3) the budget is $400 (including DC motors), 4) the overall dimensions of the mobile robots must fit into 300mmx300mmx200mm (LxWxH including the controller-LIDAR sensor), and 5) a minimum design factor of 1.5 and 100000 life-cycles must be considered for each mechanical component/element of the final design, 6) the mobile robot will be used in a typical warehouse/industrial environment, 7) easy assembly and disassembly, 8) use standard size for each mechanical components, and 9) use all of the mechanical components covered in ME425 (shafts, gears, bearings, springs, fasteners, pulleys, mechanical flexible components, etc.).
Phase-I: 1) Two fully developed concepts for the mobile robot complying with the project’s requirements/specification, 2) defined engineering design specifications, 3) CAD models for each concept (including full assembly and individual parts), 4) a preliminary bill of materials; 4 ) rough estimates of cost, overall dimension, and weight.
Report: (1-page cover + 6 pages of main report + appendices/supporting documents without any page restriction)
Format: single space, 0.75” margins all around, 12pt Times New Roman.

Engineering homework help