OLCU 613 Paper 1: Employee Engagement
Prepare 4 – 5 page paper that 1) identifies two (2) best practices to effectively engage employees, 2)
compares the best practices to the actual practices of a specific organization, 3) makes specific
recommendations for that organization, and 4) identifies two (2) insights gained into employee
engagement including specific actions to enhance leader effectiveness. Support your analysis with four
(4) scholarly sources three of which are journal articles.
Criteria Requirements
Clearly and concisely describes 2 best practices supported by citations of expert theories and research. Defines all
key terms and comprehensively discusses why each practice is effective.
Clearly and concisely compares and contrasts an actual organization’s efforts to engage employees with 2 identified
best practices. Supports discussion with evidence such as specific examples for each actual practice.
Accurately uses findings of comparing best and actual organizational practices to make specific recommendations
that would strengthen employee engagement.
Clearly and concisely discusses 2 insights gained into effectively engaging employees. Identifies specific actions to
enhance leadership effectiveness in engaging employees.
Uses 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 journal articles. Accurately adheres to APA standards; reference page
and citations are correct. All sources listed in References are cited in paper
Paper is logical and well-written; spelling, grammar and punctuation are accurate. Paper is the required length of 4 –
5 pages of content, and includes a correctly prepared title page.