Service Learning in Education

Explain the benefits of service-learning in education and how you will incorporate it into your future classroom. Provide at least two examples with one of them referencing Mark 10:45.

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Authentic Assessments

Read the Edutopia article Creating Classrooms for Social Justice in this week’s Study Materials. What are “authentic assessments” and what do they have to do with social justice?



Professor and Class,

This question is a very tricky question to answer, but it is one that could happen to any of us. If I were the teacher in this situation, I would first apologize to all the students for allowing my email to show up. However, I would also let them know that even teachers/adults make mistakes, and there might be times that the students may come across confidential information about others accidentally, but they must respect the privacy, as well as the dignity of all involved. I would then let the class know if they have any further questions they may come to me privately and discuss them, and at this time, they must return to their work. If any of the students did in fact address me in private, I would not go into any specific details about the student or the email, as that would be an invasion of the student’s privacy. However, I would give assistance to, and watch out for, if and when needed for the new transgender student. This follows along with the first Principle, Section B 1- Confronting and taking reasonable steps to resolve conflicts between the Code and the implicit or explicit demands of a person or organization (n.d.). As it is my obligation, as well as desire as an educator to take Rebecca’s individual situation into account, as well as respect her privacy and decisions. However, the way I handled myself in class would go under Principle 1 Section C 1- Influencing and supporting decisions and actions that positively impact teaching and learning, educational leadership, and student services (n.d.) I as an educator work hard to respect each student’s privacy in every situation, despite the lapse in judgment, when an email was allowed to be projected. This experience would definitely be used as a learning experience; it would not happen again.



(n.d.). Retrieved October 12, 2020, from https://www.nasdtec.net/page/MCEE_Doc

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Sparking Social Justice in Your Students

How might you use service-learning to spark a sense of social justice in K-12 students? Cite resources or materials used in previous topics

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If you could design a school…

Imagine that you could design a school for either the elementary or secondary level that would provide what you think of as an excellent environment for learning. Describe the school’s policies and practices, and explain why you’ve designed the school in the way you have.

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An activity we could do to integrate strong values and ethics into content area lessons to help support students’ character development would be to read the student a story on diversity within reading class. We would discuss what diversity means, how to respond to diversity, and why diversity is important. Then, students would create a poster on what makes them unique and special. The student would each have a turn to present their posters to the class and talk about what makes them individualistic. Another activity we could do is have student complete a writing activity. During English class I would assign them a writing assignment where they have to explain what it means to be a good person and characteristics that a good person has. Once everyone was done, we would go over it and have a class discussion about what they wrote and ways we can be a good person every day. Both of these activities would help the development of their character in a positive way.