Education homework help. Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words and include at least 1 or more references.
Total rewards is an organizational system of rewards that is inclusive of compensation, benefits, and any tangible or intangible items employees value and an employer provides to retain employees and reinforce preferred behaviors. These forms of compensation are broken down into two categories: direct (monetary) and indirect (non-monetary).
Discussion Question—Choose one perspective in which to respond.
Non-HR Perspective:  What is the manager’s role in establishing a compensation strategy?  How do managers influence the compensation process?
HR Perspective:  Evaluate a current or past employer’s total reward strategy. What do you recommend/propose for your chosen organization?
In developing your response, you want to consider some of the following elements:  legal consideration, diversity of employees (e.g. multiple generations in the workforce), motivation, recruitment and retention, sustaining performance, challenges, and various employee classifications (executive, professional, international, etc.).

Education homework help